Aiden Debono

Embodiment, Dress, Phenomenology, Experience

Vestige is a fashion research project that explores concepts of phenomenology, a philosophy of experience in dressing and the influence fashion has on gender and identity. This work focuses on highlighting the importance of somatic experiences through the development of a design methodology that challenges conventional design practices. This approach aims to deepen understanding of the ways fashion can embody aspects of gender, identity and sexuality and that there is slippage between and across these categories. Underpinning this body of work is the writings of French Philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty, in particular, his work ‘Phenomenology of Perception,’ which provides a lens to apply to aspects of fashion, dressing and the relationship between wearer and worn. Aiden Debono is a multidisciplinary designer whose work exists at the intersection of design and philosophy. They live and work on unceded Gadigal Land.