Deanna Politis

Subversive Femininity, Storytelling, Ancestry

The story of Maroula was passed down to me by my grandmother and tells of an empowered, Lemnian heroine who became a symbol of subversive femininity, fighting against invaders to win the battle of Kotsinas, Lemnos - the Greek island of my ancestry. Drawing upon my perceptions of Maroula and my memories of Greece’s varied landscapes, this collection attempts to tacitly materialise her story, preserving her legacy and powerful attributes for generations to follow. My practice predominantly explores hand-painting placement prints on wool garments using natural dye pigments, as well as creating sculptural forms from leather and wool fabrics. An exploratory approach to prints and wool has been made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Australian Wool Education Trust (AWET). In combining sculptural silhouettes with intricately painted textiles, I aim for the garments to embody the strength shown by my muse with the intention of forging a strong sentimental connection between the wearer, their clothing and their ancestral roots.