Evangeline Grzesik

No Boys Allowed
Sustainable, lingerie, natural dyes, female-gaze

Designed through the female gaze, this lingerie collection incorporates wider gussets and breathable fibres to embrace the wearer’s body without compromising discomfort. Inspired by archival 1980s lingerie, iconic features such as cut away briefs, high sheen fibres and frills are visible but then elevated through luxurious naturally dyed and ethically sourced fibres. This female-based project emphasises the importance of sustainably sourced silks and dyes so the wearer can feel confident that their lingerie has been crafted without the use of harmful chemicals or exploitative manufacturing processes. Integration of zero to low waste patternmaking upholds these ethical considerations regarding waste and respect for place and materiality is shown throughout the entire design process, from sourcing items to the finished piece.