Ivy Whiteman

Where did ivy go?
place, artisan, exuberance, joy

Ivy’s collection, ‘where did ivy go?’ explores the joyful world of surreal escapism. By engaging in mindful creation and place-based emotions, each garment is infused with a sense of joy and vibrancy, bringing the wearer into a world of exuberant bliss, of tropical colour fiestas, at the edge of conscious existence. By using a mix natural dyes and raffia weaving techniques, a rich colour palette and textural landscape is created, translating the ebbs and flows of her emotions and thoughts into a material understanding. Through considered, intuitive design and artisanal crafts, Ivy aims to create a new luxury that goes beyond materials and transcends into an ethereal sphere that empowers both its maker and wearer to gain a sense of self, joy and exuberance through their existence.