Jason Clark

Body out of Bounds
Body, performance, carnival, nightlife, savoir-faire

Body out of Bounds encapsulates the raw and naive gestures of self-actualisation through the doing of wearing fashion within nightlife. Inspired by my own lived experience of clubbing through Sydney in my early twenties and noticing my own transformation through fashion, this project communicates the act of taking up space, proclaiming existence and experimenting with fashion as a form of material culture and communication in creating ludic spaces for nightlife. Body out of bounds speaks to the loss of dance institutions and queer culture in Sydney, Australia due to government intervention and the COVID-19 pandemic which has fractured a once bursting scene. This collection invites the viewer into my universe of subversive print, weave, colour, and shape. A contemporary tartan has been woven in India with electric colours through the generous sponsorship of Kullu Karishma. The aim is to create obstacles of interaction and play to remind us of the importance of maintaining these ludic spaces for future generations to enjoy safe spaces to experiment with identity and the freedom to express their authenticity.