Katrina Tomlinson Gils

Some sort of a girl
Identity, self-presentation, womanhood, femininity

‘Some sort of a girl’ is a vibrant exploration of girl becoming woman, exploring how we fashion identity as we grow. By drawing from diverse visual sources such as vintage school uniforms, fairy costumes and Communion gowns, the formative act of ‘identity play’ emerges, culminating in a collection akin to a woman’s costume box. An effusion of colour, print and texture are layered onto pieces imbued with nostalgic reflections on my own transition from girlhood to womanhood, with romanticism and overtly feminine details woven throughout. Exploring these ideas has been made possible by the generous sponsorship of Liberty Fabrics London. Musing on the concept of dressing ‘the woman I want to be’, the collection is a celebration of womanhood, identity, and the daily evolutions of past, present, and unrealised selves.